Comps, Beds, Cycling & Pathtags

Getting Close Now!

Its now less than a month until the MEGA event in Parkville so we thought this would be a great opportunity to recap on the many activities that are happening over the MEGA weekend and all the different ways there will be to win some of the amazing prizes that are on offer.

  • The winner of the points game for who has attended the lead up events will be announced at the closing ceremony on Sunday afternoon. The winner will receive an unobtanium coin and a free 12-month premium membership. There are some runner up prizes on offer too.
  • In the event bag, which is available at the registration desk and is free to everyone who has logged a “Will Attend”, you will find an entry into the Icy Pole Stick game. Take your Icy Pole stick out on to the expanse of lawn across the road from the MEGA site. There is a ‘secret location’ that can be found by the closest icy pole stick. Place your icy pole stick where you think the secret location is. On the Sunday afternoon all the guesses will be measured up and at the closing ceremony the winner will be announced. The closest to the pin will win an unobtanium coin and a 12-month premium membership.
  • On the Saturday night we are having our traditional BBQ, see GC7QBMC. During the night there will be a BINGO card being distributed which will have all sorts of geocaching achievements listed on it. Your job is to find people who have made these achievements and get them to sign their name in one box. When you have a full BINGO card, place it in the entry box. First complete entry to be drawn out will win an unobtanium coin and a 12-month premium membership.
  • Also, in the event bag you will find a letter box stamp card. Your job is to find the 5 letterbox caches in the Parkville series of letterboxes (GC7G5MJ, GC7G01H, GC7FWXX, GC7FWZN & GC7FRRC) and stamp the card with the stamp from each letterbox. Return your card to the admin desk and submit it. At the closing ceremony the first complete entry drawn will be the winner of an unobtanium geocoin and a free 12-month premium membership.

Parkville Accommodation.

Special Edition

Still not sure where you are staying over the MEGA weekend? Well there is still room left at the MEGA site to stay both the Friday and the Saturday night. Yep, you can stay right at GZ and be in the midst of all the action from Friday afternoon all the way through to Sunday and not miss a single thing. Beds start from just $130 for two night (that’s just $65 a night), park your car for free at the car park or catch public transport to the event. Or, if you are flying in to the airport, drop us an email and we will pick you up! You can book your accommodation now by following this link.

Parkville Souvenir Pathtags.

PathtagsAlso, don’t forget that we have pathtags available for sale. There is a set of 5 pathtags each of which depicts iconic parts of Melbourne. You can buy the entire set of five for $25, or for just $15 you can buy a trading set where you get 5 of the same pathtag and then trade with others over the MEGA weekend to achieve the full set. You can buy these amazing pathtags by following this link…

Cycle The Parkville Event.

Special Edition

The best way to get around caching at this MEGA is on a bike. There are hundreds of geocaches along the bike trails and walking tracks that snake out from the MEGA site. If you are staying at Urban Camp, or if you don’t have a bike you can get to the location, never fear! We have partnered with Freddy’s Bike Tours and you can hire a bike for a full day for a half day price, plus Freddy’s Bike Tours will be setting up a pop-up store at the MEGA location so you can pick up and drop off your bike at the MEGA! Follow thins link and use the promotion code GEO5OFF.

Thank You

As per usual, we would like to thank our Major Sponsors. Without their ongoing support, big events like this would not be able to take place.

Our 2018 sponsors include, Cachly,, Caching Supplies, Clear Waters Event Queanbean Easter 2019,  City of Melbourne, Bunnings, McDonalds, Freddy’s Bike Tours, City West Waters, Sssafe and of course it goes without saying, The future attendees of The Parkville Event.

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