Ballarat GeoTour makes a splash in 2022

We are super excited to let you know that the first of our Ballarat GeoTours has been scheduled for 2022.

We have had some rave reviews on the GeoTour and one of the caches (GC954B4: Adam Lindsay Gordon) even topping the charts last year as the cache with both the most logs and the most favourite points award.

For those of you who don’t know what the tour is all about, please check out Ballarat GeoTour Webpage to read all about it!

The next event (GC9MQ60) is scheduled for Saturday 19th February, 2022 – so make sure you check it out and log your attendance. Also to celebrate your attendance and completion of this special GeoTour, why not purchase the limited edition Ballarat GeoTour – Geocoins that have been created specifically to celebrate this tour. Check out what is on offer (for a limited time) in our shop. Coins pre-ordered can be picked up at the event.

Ballarat GeoTour LAUNCHED!

The Ballarat GeoTour official launched in a hot tin shed (COVID compliant) on February 20th 2021. There was an amazing turnout with over 100 people attending on the day –  Ballarat GeoTour – LAUNCH Event. 

The 25 GeoTour caches were released during the event and people soon scarpered! You can see the Official Ballarat GeoTour page HERE! This website allows you to download a GPX file of the GeoTour. Our launch was also just the first event! Event 2 is on Sunday March 28th at 10am whilst Event 3 is on Saturday May 1st at 3:30pm.

Geocaching Victoria Inc. are also selling geocoins related to the Ballarat GeoTour. These will arrive in Australia very soon. You can purchase a Standard Coin, a 10 Finds Coin and a Completed GeoTour Coin from the Geocaching Victoria Store.

There are some very special limited edition coins that can be won too. Come to an event; finish the GeoTour or win randomly (eg. someone won by tuning in to the Geocaching Downunder Podcast where we talked about the GeoTour). The winner of the Limited Edition Coin from the launch event is Jenfuzzled – CONGRATULATIONS!

So pack your back and hit the roads making Ballarat your next “must visit” destination. Remember, Ballarat is the only GeoTour available in Australia so come along for something unique!

This GeoTour was made possible after receiving a grant from VicHealth as part of their Reimagining Health grants in 2020. We thank them for their support as without their help we could not have released a GeoTour.