Activities update – c:geo

More great activities news for The Melbourne Event in November. Come to one that is of interest, come to them all, or just head out and find caches.  It’s up to you, but all part of the event.

On to the update!
Geocaching with a smart phone is easier than ever these days, and c:geo is a great app that can make it even easier, once you get your head around it.  We will be running a great session to help you do just that.

Activities update – Wherigo

I bet you didn’t know we had so much planned for The Melbourne Event in November did you?
You can attend all or none of our planned activities, none are compulsory and attendance at the activities is not required to claim a find on the event.

On to the update!
To most of us, Wherigos are black box of fun (and sometimes frustration) but luckily we have been able to secure the services of an experienced Wherigo writer to help you make your own. This will be a hands on session where you will need a laptop, with the Urwigo platform installed. There will even be time to make a cartridge and head out into Casey Fields to test it.